Bushwalking for Beginners

paintings at Nolan Art Gallery

A selection of paintings from the past few years exhibited at Nolan Art Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart

Exhibited at Nolan Art Gallery, Hobart

Excursions and Adventures

exhibition: Excursions and Adventures

The scene darkens. Traditional oil paintings of mysterious figures inhabiting a landscape crowded with ancestral memories.

2017 Exhibition - Hobart

King Island Gothic - Return to the Island

paintings of King Island

Images inspired by an Arts Tasmania residency on King Island in 2011.
Thirteen of these paintings were shown at the King Island Cultural Centre January-April, 2013

King Island Gothic paintings

paintings: 2010

2008-2010 oil painting series

More stories of Tasmanian life inspired by family photographs, memories, family farms and a walk around our garden.

paintings: 2010

People and Places

2004-2008 oil painting series

Paintings created between 2004-2008 for various exhibitions. Many are based on old family photographs. In 2010 these paintings formed a touring exhibition with Tasmanian Regional Arts, showing in regional galleries around Tasmania.

people and places

Unease in the Foliage

environmental paintings

A world where all is not what it seems. Is it a Rainforest Theme Park where eco-tourists come to gape at the Last Tree, supported by complex technologies to keep it alive, surrounded by Faithful Recreations of a Real Forest Environment? Or is it a world where nature has triumphed, growing over and obscuring - or perhaps supporting - the works of man?
You can choose which world you want to live in.
These paintings formed part of the inaugural exhibition at the Foreshore Gallery, Rosny Park in 2009.

landscape with attitude (external site)


to etchings

From time to time I have dabbled with printmaking. Etching is fun; I love playing with horrible chemicals and gouging into pieces of metal. Unfortunately, printing the result is not nearly so much fun.
I have divided my etchings into three galleries, because they comprise three distinct sets of subject matter - a few social comments; angels and elephants; toys.


Twentieth Century Arts

twentieth century paintings

These paintings were all done prior to 1990, and this is the first website I built. It's been on-line since 2005 and I don't see any reason to change it.

seriously weird paintings (external site)

Tasmanian Ironbark

1999 oil painting series

When I returned to Tasmania after several years' absence I was struck by the proliferation of towers all over the landscape. A bushwalking acquaintance said they called them "Tasmanian Ironbark". A strange form of reforestation indeed.

Tasmanian Ironbark (external site)

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